News - How can a DPF delete give me better mileage AND more power?

How can a DPF delete give me better mileage AND more power?


Hey Dudes,

This might seem counter intuitive at first, but it is true, deleting your DPF & EGR (and the rest of the emission system) does in fact result in a better running truck.

DPF delete, or the removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter, provides several benefits for vehicle owners.

Enhanced Engine Performance: After the DPF is deleted, the engine experiences improved power and torque, resulting in better overall performance.

Increased Fuel Efficiency: By eliminating the DPF, the vehicle’s fuel economy can be significantly enhanced, leading to cost savings for the owner.

Extended Engine Lifespan: Removing the DPF prevents the filter from becoming clogged and potentially causing damage to the engine, ensuring a longer lifespan for the vehicle.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Without the DPF, owners can save money on regular filter maintenance and replacement, as well as avoid expensive repairs associated with filter malfunctions.

Improved Exhaust Flow: With the DPF removed, the exhaust flow is less restricted, allowing for better airflow and reducing back pressure, resulting in a more efficient and powerful engine.

Here’s how it works:

1.Fuel Efficiency: 

When you remove the DPF, your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to expel exhaust.

This means it can run more efficiently.

Many of our customers have noticed an average 5 MPG increase after installing the kit.

But the exact boost can vary based on your driving habits and truck specifics.

2. Overall Performance: The kit can give your truck a noticeable boost in horsepower and torque.

Why? Without the DPF, the exhaust flows more freely, allowing the engine to breathe better and produce power more effectively.

You might feel your truck responding faster when you hit the gas pedal, and it could have more pulling power, especially when hauling or towing heavy loads.

Depending on your truck, there are a couple of options to choose from, such as the tuner, type of exhaust system and a straight pipe vs muffler system.

Feel free to ask us for recommendations!

Hope this clears things up! Drive safe and enjoy the “new” ride. 

Post time: Apr-08-2024