News - The Allure and Art of Exhaust Cutouts

The Allure and Art of Exhaust Cutouts

The Allure and Art of Exhaust Cutouts

For auto enthusiasts, the sound of their engine is more than noise—it’s the voice of their mechanical pride and joy. Exhaust cutouts give drivers control over that voice, allowing them to unleash anything from a throaty purr to a roaring thunder. These valves offer self-expression through automotive sound.

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What are Exhaust Cutouts?

Exhaust cutouts are fittings installed along the exhaust piping that can open up the system. They act as a bypass around the muffler to create a straight-through exhaust path. When opened, they channel exhaust gases directly into unsilenced pipes, emitting a louder, more aggressive tone. Closing the cutout routes gases through the muffler again to quiet things down.

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Cutouts contain a butterfly-style valve or sliding plate connected by cable or electric servo to a switch for the driver. Hit the switch and the exhaust opens up like a beast uncaged. For many auto lovers, its thrilling to have command over the engine’s voice in this way.

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Why Do Drivers Get Cutouts?

Cutouts appeal to different drivers for different reasons. For vintage muscle car fans, they evoke the wide-open sound of classic 1960s and 70s power. Pickup truck owners use them to add an aggressive edge to their daily drivers. Tuners install cutouts to customize imported sports compacts with a sharper tone.


In all cases, having control over the exhaust sound is a big attraction. Owners can choose when to run quietly or make a roaring entrance. This automotive self-expression adds fun and excitement to driving. When properly installed, cutouts also don’t reduce performance or fuel economy when closed.


Installation Tips

Cutout systems can be ordered in universal bolt-on kits or custom fabricated by experienced shops. Proper placement and installation is key to avoiding leaks or rattles while producing the best sound. Cutouts are installed after the catalytic converter but before the muffler. This prevents contamination while still utilizing the muffler when closed.

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For optimal sound, dual cutouts can be installed with valves on both exhaust banks rather than one large valve. This allows finer control over the exhaust flow. Custom piping may also improve the exhaust note. While installing cutouts isn’t rocket science, it’s best left to qualified mechanics.

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Responsible Use

As thrilling as uncorked exhaust can be, cutout owners should exercise good judgment on when to open them up. Common courtesy means no rude revving in neighborhoods or excessive noise late at night. But used wisely, cutouts let drivers enjoy their automotive passion to the fullest whenever the time and place are right. For the enthusiast, that makes exhaust cutouts a rewarding investment. 

Post time: Nov-14-2023