News - Your truck is a Super Hero.

Your truck is a Super Hero.


And just like every superhero, your truck has a weakness.

Every diesel truck has a DPF, a gadget meant to keep the air clean by trapping soot.

But, this gadget might be holding your truck back from showing off its true potential.

Not to mention, it can totally be your trucks kryptonite as well.

This is because the DPF is prone to breaking down, while also forcing your engine to burn more fuel inefficiently to generate power.

Whether you tow with your truck, daily drive or use it for work, the DPF is holding your truck back.

A DPF delete kit can unlock its true super powers: better throttle response, better fuel efficiency and more horsepower that you can choose to use or not.

(That’s right, while our kits give you lots of horsepower boosts, these are all optional and you can chose to never use it)

So if you are looking to make a super hero out of your truck…

Or maybe stop it from being a super villain to your wallet…

Give us a shout!

At YiBai Industry, we love talking trucks. We can help you figure out if it’s time to free your truck from the DPF and let it truly shine.

After all, we want your truck to be the superhero it was meant to be!

Post time: Mar-14-2024