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16FT AN6 Nylon Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Fuel Hose Line Kit Black

Short Description:

Best for Oil gas line, Fuel hose, Clutch hose. Recommended for E85, Alcohol, Nitro, transmission, clutch, nitrous, power steering, oiling, hydraulics & vacuum applications.

Model number KT00615AN6BB
Description 6AN Fuel line kit
Range of Price (EXW) $15-$25
Size 16FT oil hose+6AN fitting
Material PTFE and stainless steel braided
Connector Type Teflon type
Min.Order Quantity 20 sets
Weight 3060G/set
Package Size 20 sets/carton,47*41*41cm
Payment Terms T/T,L/C
FOB Port Ningbo Port

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* Product description

Universal Models: The fuel line hose fits different brands of different cars. Just choose the right size.
Safety Features For Your Protection: The product has good flame retardancy and excellent corrosion resistance.
Long Life: Inner core PTFE has excellent corrosion resistance. It is maintenance-free and precision-engineered to increase life.
Professional Installer is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included)

Application: Universal, such as: Oil/ Fuel/ Water/ Fluid/ Air Line,Ethanol Gasoline
Package Including:

AN6 Straight PTFE  Hose End X 2 PCS

AN6 45 Degree PTFE  Hose End X 2 PCS

AN6 90 Degree PTFE  Hose End X 2 PCS

AN6 Black Stainless Steel Braided Hose *3M

Wholesale factory PTFE Fuel Hose Line Kit
Oem Chinese PTFE Fuel Hose Line Kit
auto parts factory PTFE Fuel Hose Line Kit

If the product is in stock, we will ship it to you within 3-5 days. If not, please contact us to know the production time. We have options for air freight, and sea freight. It depend on your needs, it usually takes 7-9 days for air freight and 25-30 days for sea freight.

* Installation

Installation Step 1
Wrap the hose end with tape, this will help minimize fraying. Cut hose to length using a very harp fine tooth hacksaw or cut off wheel.
After cutting, remove the tape, and trim off any loose wires with a knife or sharp shears. Then thread/slide socket the hose end with care. Repeat with the second socket.
TIP: The second socket should be put on backward.

Installation Step 2
Use a pick of separator tool, to peel away the outer braid and clear about 1/2 inch of PTFE inner tube.

Installation Step 3
Take one of the brass ferrules and press it snuggly against the exposed end of the PTFE inner-tube. Complete positioning of the sleeve by the hose end against a flat surface. The PTFE inner-tube should fit into the tip of the ferrule.

Installation Step 4
Insert the nipple into the PTFE inner-tube so that the base of the nipple fits squarely against the brass ferrule. After starting the process by hand, may want to press against vice jaws or hard surface, to ensure fit.

Installation Step 5
Pull the socket down over the peeled away outer-braid and the brass ferrule and begin to thread the socket to the nipple by hand.

Installation Step 6
Once the socket and nipple start to the thread, place the nipple in our pair of vice jaws and use the assembly tool or adjustable wrench to complete the assembly.

Installation Step 7
All done with the first end, now repeat for the second assembly starting at step 2.

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