Tuning Intercooler For Audi A1 Volkswagen Polo 6R 6C 1.4 2.0 TSI 2011-2018

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Fit for Audi A1 Volkswagen Polo 6R 6C 1.4 2.0 TSI 2011-2018

Model number 03CSI063ASL
Description Intercooler
EXW price USD$128
Material Aluminum
Color black/Silver
 inlet/outlet 2.16”
Car model Audi A1 Volkswagen Polo 6R 6C 1.4 2.0 TSI 2011-2018
Min.Order Quantity 10 piece
Package Size  TBA
Payment Terms T/TL/C
FOB Port Ningbo Port



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The largest of our current line of intercoolers for those requiring the maximum cooling of engine intake air in competition events
Each intercooler is manufactured with bar and plate construction for greater heat dissipation.
This design is more efficient transferring heat and minimizes heat soak.
Bar and plate will generally recover faster from heat either in the engine compartment or repeated heating from energetic driving.
Our intercooler design allows us to increase the number of rows in a given frontal area by up to 122% over conventional designs
Lower pressure drop than restricted convention intercoolers
Our intercoolers use cast aluminum end caps, a bit more expensive but they provide more rounded shapes for better airflow. Cast aluminum end caps give the best results in air flow and reliability.
Each end cap is TIG welded to the intercooler core.
High-performance "Bar&Plate type " Intercooler core with turbulators in a stepped design
Size :590*170*100mm
Cast aluminum CAD / FEA optimized air tanks
Intercooler uses the original mounting points
~220% larger frontal area compared to OEM intercooler
~280% greater volume than OEM charge air intercooler

* Packing

1pcs Intercooler same as on the picture

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Wholesale Hot Sale Tuning Intercooler
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Fit For
Audi A1 1,4 TSI
Audi A1 2,0 TSI
VW Polo GTI 1,4 TSI
VW Polo WRC 2,0 TSI
Audi A1 1.4 TSI 136KW/185PS (2010+)
Audi A1 Quattro 2,0TFSI 188KW/256PS (2012) limited Edition
Audi A1 1.6TDI 66-77KW/90-105PS (2011-2014)
Audi A1 2.0TDI 105KW/143PS (2011-2014)
Skoda Fabia RS 1,4 TSI 132KW/180PS (2010+)
Skoda Fabia 1.6TDI 66-77KW/90-105PS (2010-2014)
VW Polo 6R GTI 1.4 TSI 132KW/180PS (2010-2014)
VW Polo 6R WRC 2.0 TSI 162KW/220PS (2013-2014)
VW Polo 6C GTI 1.8 TSI 141KW/192PS (2015+)

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