News - Can you delete EGR while retaining DPF?

Can you delete EGR while retaining DPF?


Are you considering doing an EGR, DPF, or Catalytic Convertor delete on your truck

but not sure about reliability or the implications it would have on your engine lifespan, reliability, warranty, or even legal issues? Interested to know if a deleted Cummins (6.7 Cummins diesel)is more reliable than a well-kept stock version? If you answered yes to any of the above, then keep reading.

What does a delete entail?


So when people talk delete, what exactly are they referring to and why is this such a popular topic? Internet forums are rife with delete threads, not only on Cummins engines but every modern diesel the world over.

What is EGR and When should I delete ?

It stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. The EGR system works by diverting a portion

of the exhaust gas from the engine back into the intake manifold. This reduces combustion temperatures and dilutes hydrocarbon emissions from unburned fuel. But when should I remove my EGR? If you’re having trouble with a check engine light and getting a code for the EGR valve, then there’s a good chance that your check engine light is coming on because of this problem. The best way to fix it is by performing an EGR delete using the EGR delete kit.


Now that you know what EGR is and when to remove it. What does DPF meaning? And when should I delete ? Let’s move on.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is an exhaust component found on many diesel

passenger cars and trucks. It’s designed to remove soot from the exhaust stream and prevent it from entering the atmosphere. The DPF aims to ensure that your vehicle complies with regulatory standards for clean air and reduces harmful emissions.If you’re planning to sell your car or trade it in soon, then deleting the DPF might make sense. 


Some technicians and mechanics will tell you that the EGR and DPF delete procedures are similar, while others say they different.

The DPF and EGR are two very different diesel engine parts and have very different jobs. They both get clogged up with soot but in different ways.


The EGR valve is placed in the exhaust system to allow a small amount of fresh air into the exhaust gases, which helps keep them cool. The DPF filters out soot particles from the exhaust gases and traps them inside a metal container, where they are burned off later when the vehicle is stationary.

You can delete EGR without deleting DPF. Just remove the DPF from your car and then delete EGR. You can use this DPF delete pipe to disable your DPF and eliminate all its limitations. The DPF Delete software is a very powerful software that can help you permanently delete your DPF. It will ensure that after deleting your DPF, it will not be able to come back again.

So do you know the answer nowCan you delete EGR while retaining DPFYes, it’s possible to delete either one of these systems (or both), but you must ensure that your vehicle still complies with regulatory emissions standards. If you delete either one of these systems without replacing it with something else, your vehicle will not pass the regulations, which could be expensive! After all, protecting the environment is the common responsibility of each of us.

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Post time: May-18-2023