News - Three issues considered by automobile manufacturers when designing air intake system

Three issues considered by automobile manufacturers when designing air intake system


There is a reason why retrofit enthusiasts choose the intake system as the primary retrofit target to improve performance.

For most vehicles, the modification of the air intake system is relatively simple and easy. It is not only easy to install and maintain, but also obvious to increase the horsepower by increasing the air intake.

To put it simply, giving more “air” to the engine will make the engine “breathe more forcefully”.So why the original factory does not use high flow air? This involves the following three issues.

First, cost.

The air intake system must be made of cost-effective and cheap materials, because in a large number of mass-produced vehicles, every increase in cost will bring huge costs to the car factory. Therefore, the selection of cheap materials and design methods can make it easier for mass production vehicles to pass the audit.


Second, maintenance cycle and convenience.

The vehicle manufacturer must ensure that the maintenance cycle of the air intake system of the mass production vehicles is as long as possible and the maintenance cost is as low as possible, so it is very important to improve the replacement cycle as long as it can meet the air intake requirements of the vehicle while meeting the convenience of the original air filter replacement.wps_doc_2

Third, noise.

This is what most refitting enthusiasts like but car manufacturers care about. Both the sound of fufu of the high flow intake system and the sound of xiuxiu of the pressure relief valve are the performance of high performance.

However, the car factory is concerned about making unnecessary noises as low as possible, because there are a lot of audit procedures and requirements of laws and regulations.

Therefore, the high flow air filter does not meet the needs of the car manufacturer in terms of cost, cleaning cycle, convenience of use, and “extra sound” after replacement. Therefore, the air filter used by the original factory will be as cheap, simple and durable as possible.


Post time: Mar-01-2023